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The crypto industry is rapidly evolving with more and more projects showing up every week. Each new project trying to solve a problem or simply make bank for its creators. With such a wide range of investment opportunities, how do you bet on the right horse?

When it comes to fundamental analysis in traditional finance, everything is available and obvious. You can analyse a company's financials, look at their revenues, number of clients, and so on. In the crypto world, however, the different technologies are complex and acquiring the necessary knowledge while the market is constantly moving can be time-consuming. In order to save your time and energy, we have developed the Coinpanion Crypto Score so you can fundamentally evaluate a crypto project.

CPCS Methodology

CPCS Total Score

Development Activity
Social Sentiment

The Coinpanion Crypto Score (CPCS Score) is a ranking-based score, that gives a clear overview of a crypto token's integral health.

The score ranges from 0 to 1000 and is derived from an analysis of 4 core sub-scores: blockchain, social sentiment, development activity and market.

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The Coinpanion Crypto Score is another service provided by Coinpanion, a German based fintech that is simplifying the entry into the complex world of crypto by offering smart solutions. As their core product Coinpanion develops crypto portfolios that are data-driven, secure and automated.

The Coinpanion portfolios follow a unique methodology, in which the CPCS plays a fundamental role. The CPCS is part of the first step that surrounds the asset universe. Here top crypto projects are evaluated on the blockchain, social sentiment, development activity and market, resulting in an overall ranking based score, the CPCS. The composition of the portfolios is based on a ranking-based score and other quantitative key figures. More than 1000 cryptocurrencies, NFT, DeFi and metaverse trends are continuously analysed and the most promising projects are selected on a data-driven basis, these are then bundled into smart portfolio categories.

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What is the Coinpanion Crypto Score?

The Coinpanion Crypto Score (CPCS Score) is a ranking-based score that aims to provide a clear overview of a crypto token's integral health.

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